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We understand the frustrations when trading in your car so we created a trade-in service that’s simple, hassle-free and makes you the winner.
We’re proud of our innovative used car trade-in agreement as it offers our customers the flexibility and convenience they deserve. Our agreement means you can buy your next vehicle while knowing what your current vehicle is worth, together with the convenience of not being without transport for any period of time.

Here's how it works:

Simply bring in your current vehicle for an inspection by one of our expert valuers. They will inspect the vehicle and issue you with a Pickles used car trade-in certificate. This certificate will clearly show the net trade-in value of that vehicle. A small fee applies for this certificate.

Whilst we hope you will, you are not bound to buy your replacement vehicle from Pickles. You may use the used car trade-in service to dispose of your existing vehicle through Pickles and then buy your replacement from someone else. Again, the choice is yours. The Pickles used car trade-in certificate is valid for 21 days and conditions do apply.