Sunny Side Up Egg

So cooking a sunny side up egg has always been a challenge for me. Either the skillet is too hot and the egg white spreads too fast, or the skillet is too cold and the white doesn’t cook fast enough. Or I completely mess it up by cooking the egg for too long to the point where the egg yolk starts to cook. Here are a few pointers that I’ve learned over the years.


  • Egg
  • Nonstick skillet
  • Very little butter (5 grams)



Preheat your skillet on medium low for AT LEAST five minutes. If the skillet is preheated, the egg will immediately start cooking and stay where you want it to. Use very little butter or oil because the egg needs some friction to stay where you want it to, and too much oil tends to cause a bubbly egg white. Crack your egg on a flat surface. Cracking your egg on the side of the counter or bowl might cause the yolk to break. Pull the two sides of the egg yolk apart carefully, never jam your thumbs in the middle. Also, crack your egg into a small bowl first to make sure the yolk doesn’t break. If the yolk breaks, put the egg in a Tupperware and use it in tonight’s dinner or dessert, no sense in wasting an egg. Using a bowl also helps because you can gently slide the raw egg into the skillet rather than dumping it in from a height. When the egg white is finished cooking, take the egg out of the pan IMMEDIATELY. A sunny side up egg is all about a perfectly intact runny egg yolk, so keep that in mind. Good luck!



  • 11o calories
  • 8.9 (g) fat
  • 0.4 (g) carbs
  • 6.3 (g) protein

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