Blackberry Cheesecake

This is another keto recipe that is so good, I’d eat it even if I wasn’t on any diet. This homemade cheesecake believe it or not is a great breakfast item because it keeps in the fridge for a solid week if properly stored. Make a cheesecake on Sunday and then enjoy a slice of heaven for breakfast for the rest of the work week! If blackberries aren’t your thing you can substitute literally any other berry you want.



  • 2 tbsp butter (35 grams)
  • 75 grams almonds
  • 85 grams walnuts


  • 175 grams Philadelphia cream cheese (4 small containers)
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 cup sour cream (200 grams)
  • 1/2 cup baking splenda or low carb sweetner of choice
  • splash of vanilla
  • juice of one lemon


  • 1 cup frozen blackberries
  • 1 tbsp baking splenda
  • splash of lemon juice



For the crust combine almonds and walnuts in a food processor until small crumbles. Then pack mixture in a the bottom of a greased spring form pan. Bake crust by itself at 400F/200C for about 10 minutes. Mix filling ingredients with an electric mixer and pour in the pan once crust has cooled. Put the cheesecake in at 400, but drop the temp to about 250/300 as soon as it’s in the oven. Let bake for about an hour or until no longer jiggly. Science. Then combine all topping ingredients into a small sauce pan mashing the berries on a medium heat until a sauce forms. Reduce sauce until thicker if desired. Once sauce has cooled completely, pour over top of cheesecake.


Nutrition for 1/8 of recipe

  • 444 calories
  • 39.4 (g) fat
  • 10.8 (g) carbs
  • 13 (g) protein

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